How to install tankless PrecisionTemp water heater in RV

Okay hi my name is Dave and this is my  first video ever being posted to so bear  with me if I stumble on words  st. I’m a lot but this is my video on  how to replace my six gallon propane /  electric hot water heater with a new  tankless hot water heater and when I was  doing searches and YouTube trying to  find a video that really gave me the  detail that I wanted I didn’t find much  I did find a couple I did probably one  specifically with this unit but he was  installing into wall infrastructure so  didn’t have any finish in there so he  could wire directly to it he didn’t have  to try to wiring to his existing switch  on the control panel.

He could wire his  propane those type of things and I was  looking for one that was in a newer you  know finished model that we could  place out so real quick this is a this  is a precision temp Rd 550 I mean since  55,000 BTUs gives you up to  88 degree temperature rise so you know  when I started looking at this we’re a  family of four look we like to take  showers and we want to take hot showers  like you do at home let’s face it six  hours of water just isn’t enough you  know.

You’re on off of the water and then  it’s colder you’re camping in colder  weather look the bathroom the bathroom  is not as warm as it could be so when  you turn it off  you’re kind of cold so sort of looking  around  you can spend whatever you want I chose  to go top-of-the-line I figured if I’m  going to spend X time I will plan to  spend a few bucks more and just get the  get the one with the most the most power  for now so with that the first thing I  did is we have to be safe of course you  want to make sure that your propane is  shut off I shut my protein off all the  way in front of the stores you might  have a on and off valve somewhere below  the hot water heater or maybe somewhere  inside.

But I chose a dish of hot water  off at the fun electric you know all we  really need for the new installation is  our 12 volt DC that’s our 12 volt direct  current coming from our battery this  this model also has a 110 120 connection  for the electric component so that when  you’re when you’re plugged in at a  campground or wherever you can run  combination gas electric give you a  higher recovery rate we won’t need that  log 10 connection with this model  because this only needs the 12 the 12  volt DC draw to to ignite and then the  propane as long as you have an endless  supply of or an endless supply of water  and then a supply of propane you can  take endless hot you know an endless hot  water shower until you run out of one or  the other or both  so with that all Santa shut that off  I’ll open this up  and I’ve done some.

I’ve done some  pre-work before you know starting this  video I prepped some done some things  ahead of time so I didn’t have to do it  in the video wait for those things to  occur so I’ll try to go through those  things let me move the camera up here a  little bit and then show the hot water heater what we’re going to do here  so this is our existing unit and so  obviously one of the things you want to  do is um you want to drain it make sure  you drain your hot water of course water  wasn’t hot but there’s a plug here that  I removed take your pressure relief  valve put it in the middle position  that’ll leave it open and allow allow  for air to come through a lot for this  dream work quickly.

I also I also again  my propane shutoff  I also unthreaded my propane source and  pulled the propane hose you know with  the fitting back on the inside so from  that same point on the outside here I’m  prepped I’m ready to go my next my next  thing will be to undo all the fasteners  remove all the fasteners and you know  using a putty knife I’m going to try a  plastic one first because you know I  don’t want to you know damage or Knick  the outside of my trailer if I can help  it  I do have a metal putty knife in case  that doesn’t work  let me show some of the pieces that  since we’re on the outside here make  sure some of the pieces that were going  to need I tried to again I tried to prep  everything ahead of time you know the  last thing you which II hate always  going through is running around the Home  Depot when you’re in the middle of a  project so you want to UM.

I wanted to  try to to prep so inside your trailer  you have you probably have it’s a newer  trail you probably have PEX tubing very  flexible and very easy to use and work  with and then then they make these  really  sweet slick sharkbite fittings that just  compress on to the end and you’re good  so I’ve bought some extra this case I  need to make a mod once I get the the  the new heater in I cause of course you  always need that you know putty knives  instead you need your major drill for  the move and the fasteners the hot water  heater.

Itself they give you two  sharkbite fittings for the back of the  for the hot water out and the cold water  in so these are half-inch – I don’t know  if that’s 3/8 or what that fitting is  but they give you those and then iid  shark boat I bought are just in case  because I’m not sure I’m going to need a  couple a couple pieces of pecs together  to make the make the lines that I need  or I bought some extra nineties 1/2 1/2  inch knife to go real important leak  detector you know once you make your  propane connection last thing you want  is your propane leaking inside your  trailer so about some of that look at  that some some number one it’s first if  you noticed my trailer is gray and black  and this is white so I bought some black  spray-paint this this door easily comes  off the only thing I’ll have to tape up  is this precision temp emblem I’ll take  this off cut that out make that all nice.

I’ll probably cover this and then unlike  scuffs and it just a little bit to help  the spray paint adhere but I think on  the back on the back side we’re going to  do first is kind of just test it spray  painted spray paint the backside a  little bit see if it here is good see if  it sticks and if it cures and dries well  then I’ll just spray paint the rest and  make it match um don’t have the butyl  tape out here but I do have rolled butyl  tape we’re going to put butyl tape  behind the flanges when we when we put  this back on and of course some good old  silicone waterproof caulk to caulk the  outside once we’re done  okay so this is the this is the inside  of remove the panel and I have mmm  prepped like I said I wanted to be you  know as far ahead of the game as.

I could  and I had some just you know concerns  I’m not I’m not an expert at this and I  don’t do this all the time I just wanted  to look at things be sure I was playing  doubt so you can see I’ve removed the  the hot water out and I’ve cut off the  end cuz the end we won’t we didn’t need  we won’t need and I have there’s my  propane supply that I have just resting  there my cold water is again the ends  are cut off now at the 110 the 110  supply is right there  okay um now what I did for that is again  you want to be safe so I have this I  have this voltage detector that I picked  up at Home Depot some time ago.

I  wanted to make sure this one 10 wire is  is safe so with the voltage meter on if  I place this against the wall ten wire  you see that it’s a it’s not it’s not  doing anything it’s there’s no there’s  no car and that’s because over here my  my electric box my circuit panel I have  the water heater in the off position so  just to show you I will turn it back on  and when I put the voltage detector up  there you can see it lights up red it’s  blinking and it makes a sound but you  know there’s there’s the voltage there  so we’re going to turn that back off and  go back over here and we are we should  be safe there should be no voltage  coming through anywhere there now what  I’m going to do there is I’m just going  to come back a little bit and I’m just  going to simply cut that cut that wire  right now to remove that now that’s the  110-120 wiring that.

I said we’re not  going to need anymore so once I cut that  I’m going to tape that off I’m going to  keep this circuit breaker off I might I  might talk to some friends and see what  else I should do  that maybe I should remove the the  circuit breaker I don’t know but we  won’t need that and that’ll be that’ll  remain in the off position  nobody really touches the control the  circuit box except me so we shouldn’t  have any any issues there now though our  concern is we need the we need 12 volt  the what 12 volt 110 and probably can’t  see it too well in there but you see the  wiring come from the front of the hot  water heater and that’s where our 12  volt connection and switches 12 volt  from our switches on the control panel  were connected and that’s.