Genting Highlands Trip

My family and I went to Genting Highland for a short holiday during school break. Usually, we go home town to visit our family, but we didn’t this time. Since we go nowhere, I brought them to the place which located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. About 7 hours by bus from Singapore, quite a long trip, but we enjoy it, especially my son.

As we reached there and dropped from the bus, we went to hotel’s lobby. I saw a lot of visitors are waiting for check in. I noticed, most of them are Chinese, some Middle East, and few Malay or other nationality. I approached the counter and asked for queue ticket for check in, and I have to wait for the sum of 200 people before me. Even though there are about 30 counters check in, but it seemed they cant cope up to handle many such visitors. Finally, I manage to check in two and half hours later.

I asked my friend who came to visit me there why so many people? He also surprises to see such a lot of visitors that time. Probably, because holiday season.I heard about Genting Highlands when my first visit to Malaysia in 2004, only this time I went. I was thinking like normal highlands or hill with theme park or something like that. But this place is amazing, which build exactly on top of the hill, on a peak.

The temperature was 17 degree. Its very cool. No air condition in hotel’s room, but the bad is extremely cool.

Genting Highlands are famous for theme park and casino. But you can find a famous restaurant, fashion, perfume, jewelry and much more. If you can find all thing in a shopping mall in town, you can find it here. Price? of course don’t compare, I can say that a slightly higher than normal item price which is sold in town.

One thing that I need to highlight to this place of interest’s Founder for the ideas which turned the jungle into multimillion dollar business.