A Million Times SEO’s Article Written

This article isn’t intention to compute other article written about SEO, but its my personal understanding about what is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Especially for monetize blog and internet marketer who have product to sell online, it’s good to know how important SEO. SEO helps you bringing a lot of website visitors which expected to increase your online sales.

If you want your website publicly known, the most effective ways is cultivating your site to appear on search engine. How to do that? You may register your site to each search engine like Google, Yahoo Web Search and Msn Live Search or, to be linked to registered sites.There are hundred even thousand competitors who sell products or blogging in similar topic. Base on statistic more than 80% search engine users only open first 10-20 website page appears on search engine. If your website appears on 20 lists onward, the chance of getting visited is less.

There is a rule on SEO possibly list your website position in search engine for certain market, the market means are keywords which used by internet surfers to search things in the internet. The keywords they like; sharing idea online, make money online, alexa page rank and so, and so and your website will appear at least 1-20 list. That’s propose of optimization.You could obtain your website of getting visitors from search engine with paid advertising. In other word that you will pay sum of money to advertiser to make your website appear on advertising page.

The closet samples are Google Adwords and Google Adsense. Your website will appear on Google service, such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Reader. And you need to pay about 0.5 cents per click.Another method is using keywords as mentioned above. This method is free. Again content is essential. If you are serious on SEO, when you write an article, don’t wait to have a perfect one, just publish it.

If you think that you need to amend the content or adding some specific keywords, you always can do while working. By the time, SEO is working for your site to index certain unique keywords in your content. Same thing like when you have a relevant links, you always free to adding on.That’s a conclusion through my experience during my visit to most of website about how to generate visitor using website SEO.